Zoning Permits

Zoning permits are for accessories to one's property that have specific size and location requirements listed in Baldwin's Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 168. View the Borough’s current Zoning Map (PDF).

Accessory Structure/Shed Permit ($50)

A shed permit application is needed for sheds in order to show the Borough that the shed complies with size requirements (maximum 150 square feet) and meets the building setback requirements. All accessory structures must be at least five (5) feet away from the neighboring property line. Also, the accessory structure cannot be in the front yard. An application must be filled out (link here). An up to date plot plan or survey would be required. If you have any questions about accessory structures, contact the zoning officer.

Fence Permit ($50)

A fence permit can show the Borough where an applicant intends on installing a fence. The application describes the height of the fence and location on the applicant's property. You can access the Fence Permit Application by clicking here. If there are any questions about material requirements for fences, contact the zoning officer. 

Dumpster Permit (free)

Dumpsters are required to be placed on your property and must have a dumpster permit. They can stay on your property for up to 45 days. Requests to place the dumpster on the street or on your property for longer than 45 days must be submitted in writing to the Zoning Officer.

Building Plans

If your building or zoning plans conflict with any ordinances, you will need to apply for a variance from the Zoning Hearing Board.

Zoning Permit Documents