Comprehensive Plan

The Baldwin Borough’s Draft Comprehensive Plan and Ordinance was updated in 2015.
The planning process set the stage for the Borough to:
  • Enhance forward-thinking vision;
  • Provide leaders with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions;
  • Promote opportunities for public engagement in implementation;
  • Integrate residents' knowledge of the borough with a clear understanding of the conditions and trends; and
  • Provide clear information and graphics to promote discussion and clear understanding.
The Comprehensive Plan recognizes several considerations including:
  • Balancing Budgets with Services (Needs vs. Desires)
  • Reinforcing Quality of Life in the Community
  • Opportunities for Redevelopment
  • Improving specificity of community Ordinances
  • Transportation networks and systems
  • Building on Current Infrastructure Assessments/Plans of Action

Complete Comprehensive Plan