Park Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations for Use of Borough Park Facilities

  • All facilities shall be open to the public unless a permit has been issued
  • Any person or organization having a permit issued by the Borough shall have the right to use the facility during the times indicated on the permit
  • No bottles or cans of beer or pop are permitted in the park. Pop is only permitted in liter plastic bottles and should be accumulated and taken home for recycling pick-up. Beer is to be in kegs only! Parties are subject to the Liquor Control Law.
  • The parks should be returned to the condition found. Excessive garbage should be taken home for proper disposal.
  • The permit holder is responsible for general clean up of any debris created by the permit holder or his/her group.
  • Persons or groups who leave the facility in unsatisfactory condition will be refused future permits.
  • The person or persons to whom the permit is issued agree to be responsible for any damage or injury done to the premises, facilities, equipment, and other properties in or on the grounds of the borough.
  • Since borough activities and/or work assignments have priority on all facilities, all permits are subject to suspension or cancellation by the borough should conflicts arise.
  • Permits may be revoked at any time for infractions of these rules and regulations.