Occupancy Inspections

Occupancy Inspections must be conducted whenever a home in Baldwin sells and whenever a new tenant moves into a rental unit. Please call Stephanie (contact info on the right) to schedule your inspection. Baldwin enforces the 2009 Property Maintenance Code for these inspections.

Occupancy Permit Requirements

The following updates are customary to residential occupancy permit requirements. Note that this does not limit the types of violations cited during an occupancy inspection:
  • Exterior maintenance of property
  • Smoke Detectors (1 per floor, 1 per bedroom) battery operated is acceptable for existing homes
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) plugs in kitchen, bathroom, and within 6' of water. (exterior, unfinished basement, garage)
  • Handrails when there are more than 4 risers (inside and outside) on one side
  • Proper venting of hot water tank and furnace (fossil fuel)
  • Bath fan in alt bathrooms where a window is not present
  • Health and safety issues (trash, high grass, abandoned vehicles, etc)
  • Fire extinguishers in all rental properties
  • Electrical wiring in good condition
  • Plumbing must be in compliance with the International Plumbing Code
  • Integral garage ceilings must be completely separated from living space above
  • Must have solid wood or steel door with threshold between basement and an integral garage

Occupancy Inspection Documents