Vacant Property Recovery Program

Have you noticed a vacant property in the Borough of Baldwin that you would be interested in owning?

Baldwin has joined with many other municipalities, the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development, and the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County to offer the Vacant Property Recovery Program as a tool for transferring ownership of vacant and tax delinquent properties.

The purpose of the program is to take blighted and tax delinquent properties and resell them to an applicant to reuse as determined by their application and as approved by the municipality. The program helps to stabilize neighborhoods, provide viable reuses for abandoned properties, and return properties to a positive, tax-generating status. The program has been used in other parts of the County to acquire residential side yards, create community gardens, expand businesses, and rehabilitate vacant homes. The process is applicant driven and applicants can be residents, non-profits, businesses, or municipalities.

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Program Requirements

The property must be:
  • Located in Baldwin
  • Vacant land or vacant structure
  • 3+ years tax delinquent
  • Less than 1/2 acre
The applicant must:
  • Be current on taxes, water, sewage, and refuse bills on properties owned in the County
  • Have no outstanding code violations or municipal liens on properties owned in the County
  • Submit a detailed reuse plan with their application
  • Provide proof of financial capacity to acquire & develop the property as stated in the reuse plan

Cost to Applicant

Standard Fees:
$3,000 parcel fee: covers legal acquisition costs, appraisal costs, etc.
100% of the appraised property value
Average of $500 in closing costs
*Note: applicant does not pay accrued past due property taxes

For More Information

Read the program application
Visit the County website
Contact the Borough

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