Baldwin History

Baldwin Borough was incorporated on January 1, 1952, being formed from a part of Baldwin Township. The original Baldwin Township incorporated in 1843, covered the area now included in the Boroughs of Baldwin, Whitehall, Brentwood, and Castle Shannon, the present Baldwin Township, and parts of the City of Pittsburgh known by their former borough names of Hays, Carrick, and Overbrook.

We are located in the South Hills area of Allegheny County, with quick access to downtown Pittsburgh just 4-7 miles away. Baldwin has 1.6 miles of frontage on the Monongahela River, one of the world's most heavily used waterways. 

Over 90% of Baldwin is residential or agricultural and has been zoned as such since Baldwin's incorporation in the 1950s. Baldwin's population experienced huge growth in the 1950s, increasing by over 100% in ten years, and has held steady since then at about 20,000 residents.

Baldwin Historical Society
If you would like to learn more about Baldwin's history, the historical society put together a Baldwin Borough History Book, complete with first-hand interviews and photographs. The book is available for viewing and purchase at the Wallace Building in South Baldwin. The Baldwin Historical Society has monthly meetings and events. If you are interested in becoming a member or volunteer, please contact Pat Lombardi at 412-882-9986.
baldwin map-1878
The map to the left is from 1878 and illustrates the boundaries of Baldwin Township before the incorporation of Baldwin Borough, Brentwood, Whitehall, and Castle Shannon.