Lick Run Wet Weather Equalization Basin

WARNING: For your own safety, please stay out of Colewood Park and surrounding construction sites until they are re-opened to the public.

Project Information

In accordance with the PaDEP Consent Order and Agreement, the Borough is constructing an Equalization Basin on the wooded hillside area of Colewood Park. The Basin will hold sewage during rain events to prevent a combined sewer overflow aka to prevent sewage from getting into our streams and rivers. This project will include improvements to the sanitary sewer system in the nearby area. The project is expected to take 12-18 months. The park will be closed during this project.

Baldwin Borough received county and state permit approval for the project and shortly thereafter publicly solicited for bids. Borough Council has awarded two construction contracts (one contract for the Equalization Basin/Lift Station and one contract for the collection system improvements).

Progress Update

On 3/22-3/23 Hollow Haven Dr will be closed between Scenic and Gardenview due to work on the sanitary sewer line.

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