Sewage is the outflow of water that comes from your house.  Baldwin Borough as set a sewage rate to cover the costs associated with water treatment and the amount of waste water you are creating.  The sewage bill is dependent on your water usage, so there is no flat sewage fee.

2016 Sewage Rate

$11.52 per every 1,000 gallons used with a monthly surcharge of $6.75

Sewage Plant

ALCOSAN or Pleasant Hills Water Authority dependent on your location in Baldwin.

How to Pay your Sewage Bill

Baldwin contracts with Legal Tax Service to collect monthly sewage bills. Payments can be done by mail, a drop off box located at the Borough Building, or by paying online at Please contact Legal Tax Services at 412-464-9555 for questions about your bill.

Projects to Improve Sewer Infrastructure

The Borough is currently operating under a Consent Order and Agreement (COA) with the Department of Environmental Protection and the Allegheny County Health Department. This requires a number of repairs to our collection of sanitary sewer lines. As the Borough conveys flow to both the Pleasant Hills Authority as well as ALCOSAN, each sewer shed has a separate COA that must be adhered to.

In 2016, the Borough is constructing a 1.2 million gallon Equalization Basin at Colewood Park to hold back the sewage that penetrates our stormwater system during wet weather events, contaminating our streams and rivers. 
Improvements are not only improving Borough infrastructure, but the health and safety of residents. 

Sewer Back Ups 

Call the Borough if you experience a sewer backup. Baldwin Public Works employees will come to check the main sewer. In many cases, this may prevent you having to call a plumber. If, however, you call a plumber first, and later discover that the Borough main caused the problem, the Borough may not assume the cost of your plumber. 

Sewer Lateral Warranty Program

The Borough of Baldwin has partnered with Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) to offer protection for homeowners for external sewer lines. The coverage is voluntary and available at affordable monthly or annual prices.

The SLWA Service Line Warranty Program protects against leaks, breaks and clogs due to normal wear and tear, age, ground shifting and tree root intrusion. If a customer’s line is in need of repair, a simple call to the SLWA 24-hour hotline will dispatch a local, licensed contractor familiar with local code. The program provides up to $4,000 per incident for external sewer line repairs with an additional allowance for public street cutting. There are no annual or lifetime limits, service fees or deductibles – just protection when you need it most!