Elevation Certificates

​What is an Elevation Certificate?

The Elevation Certificate is an administrative tool FEMA uses as part of the NFIP and CRS programs. An Elevation Certificate is filled out by a certified surveyor or engineering that documents and elevation of a structure and other pertinent information. FEMA and local governments use this information to make sure a structure is in compliance with local floodplain management ordinances and to determine the proper insurance premium rates for an area. These certificates can also be used to adjust future FIRMs.  

​When is it Needed?

An Elevation Certificate is needed for any new structure being constructed or for any structure that is having a substantial improvement. A substantial improvement is an improvement that costs 50% or more of the total cost of the structure being improved. Any person, inside or outside of the SHFA is required to turn in an Elevation Certificate.

​Who can Fill out an Elevation Certificate?

An elevation certificate can only be filled out by a certified land surveyor, contractor, or engineer. The individuals must be able to verify the lowest floor and lowest adjacent grade elevations. This information will influence what changes can be made to a structure or if a structure can be built in a certain area. A list of local land surveyors, contractors, and engineers is listed below under Helpful Documents.

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