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Elm Leaf Park Pavilion Rental Request

  1. Elm Leaf Park Pavilion Rental

    Daily rental of the pavilion is $100, which includes a grill, electrical outlets, and concrete cornhole boards. There is also a $100 refundable cash deposit required. To reserve, please complete this form, the hold harmless agreement, make payment,and submit insurance. Also review the facility rental rules & regulations.

    Payment is accepted through the following methods:
    Online payment site (link below)
    In person at Borough Building with cash, check, credit, or debit card
    Mail check or cash to Borough Building at: 3344 Churchview Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15227

    Questions can be directed to Tammi Hagan, at 412-882-9600 x252 or

  2. Permit is subject to cancellation by the Borough should any conflict arise with Community Activities.

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