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Dumpster Permit Form

  1. Dumpsters are required to be placed on your property (not in the street) and must have a dumpster permit. There is no cost associated with a dumpster permit.

    They can stay on your property for up to 45 days. Requests to place the dumpster on the street or on your property for longer than 45 days must be submitted in writing to the Zoning Officer, Anthony Asciolla at or mailed to the Borough Building at 3344 Churchview Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15227.

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  5. I/We, the undersigned, hereby declare the above items to be true and correct and agree to be bound by the Regulations and Ordinances of the Borough of Baldwin. I/We also agree to place the Bulk Container in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. I hereby certify that the proposed Bulk Container placement is authorized by the owner of record; I/We have been authorized by the Owner to act as his agent for this purpose.

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