Flood Resource Center


Welcome to Baldwin Borough's Flood Resource Center! Here you will find information about the National Flood Insurance Program. You will also have access to the borough's Flood Management Ordinance, and FEMA's Floodplain maps. 

For any further flood information not provided here, please call the Borough Office at 412-882-9600 or visit FEMA's website here.

To view the Borough Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance click here.

Flooding vs Flash Flooding

Flooding is the unusual presence of water on usually dry land to a depth that may affect normal activities. Floods usually happen over a longer period of time and can last days or even weeks.
Flash flooding is a flood that is caused by heavy rainfall in a short period of time. Flash flood usually have fast flowing water and can occur in a matter of minutes. This type of flood commonly affects the borough. 

​Flood Sources

Flooding in Baldwin is caused by four main sources: the Monongahela River, Streets Run, Lick Run, and Becks Run. Heavy storms, melting ice and snow, and ice jams can cause the Monongahela River to crest above 26 ft, causing a high chance of flooding in the industrial areas along E. Carson St. Flooding of Streets, Lick, and Becks Runs is triggered by heavy storms. Flooding in these areas tends to happen quickly and without warning. Floodwaters can cover streets, yards, and driveways and fill basements, first floors, and garages.
To find out if your area is at a greater risk of flooding, click here