What number do I call to see or speak with an officer?
Call 911 whenever you need to see or speak to a police officer. Baldwin no longer utilizes a non-emergency phone number for contact with our officers. Our police officers are not available at the police station to answer phone calls at all times. For several years, our community has relied on the Allegheny County 911 Call Center to answer requests for service; triage and prioritize these calls; and to dispatch our officers appropriately. Even if you would like to speak to an officer by phone, call 911 to initiate contact. The call taker will record your information and an officer will be contacted to return your call.

The Police Station at 3344 Churchview Avenue has a Red Box phone in front of the buildings that connects directly to the County Dispatch Center.

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1. What number do I call to see or speak with an officer?
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