Occupancy Inspections

Occupancy Inspections must be conducted whenever a home in Baldwin sells and whenever a new tenant moves into a rental unit. Please call Stephanie (contact info on the right) to schedule your inspection. Baldwin enforces the 2009 Property Maintenance Code for these inspections.

Occupancy Permit Requirements

The following updates are customary to residential occupancy permit requirements. Note that this does not limit the types of violations cited during an occupancy inspection:
  • Exterior of property must be maintained
  • Address, 4” high numerals required
  • Smoke Alarms in each bedroom and on each level, including basement*
  • 1 CO alarm in the vicinity of sleeping areas, 1 CO alarm for each level that has a fuel burning appliance
    • Should be 10' away from fuel burning appliances    
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) needed in every bathroom, within 6' of any water source, over kitchen counters, exterior w/ approved cover, unfinished basement, and garage
  • Handrails when there are 4 or more risers (inside and outside) on one side
  • Approved barrier in place when surfaces greater than 30” above grade
  • Electrical wiring in good condition including service entry, panel, outlets, lighting fixtures.*
  • Plumbing in good condition including fixtures, drains, sanitary.*
  • Overflow pipe attached to relief valve on hot water tank, ending no more than 6” above floor
  • Hand turn shut-off valve on all gas lines
  • Proper venting of mechanical units (furnace, hot water tank, exhaust fans)
    • Exhaust fan required when no window in a bathroom with a shower, vented to exterior
  • Windows must operate and have screens
  • Integral garage must meet fire separation requirements (20 minute).
    •  Ceiling - solid, minimum 5/8" drywall, opening protectives sealed with fire-rated material (insulation/ caulking). 
    •  Door Assembly -  solid wood door minimum 1 3/8” thick,  or a solid facing honeycomb core steel door
      • Sealed around edges and frame to prevent gasses/ smoke entering dwelling
If utilities are not turned on, occupancy cannot be granted.  
* Good condition = function as manufacturer intended.
* Smoke and CO alarms can be mounted to manufacturer specifications.  If on a wall, smoke detectors must be 4” -12” down, in the vicinity of the door.   Preferred placement is on ceiling between 1’ and 3’, in the vicinity of the door.

Rental Units:

  • Deadbolts, with latch on inside required on egress doors.  No key or special knowledge or effort is permitted on interior.
  • Fire extinguisher required. Should be mounted/ available in exit pathway.  

Occupancy Inspection Documents