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Application for Sanitary Sewer Certificate

  1. Please submit at least 21 days prior to closing.
  2. Instructions

    Applicant is to hire an registered licensed Allegheny County plumber to complete a dye test and video camera inspection of the property's sanitary sewer. Applicant must also complete the following sanitary sewer certificate application, make sure the report of test and inspection in returned by the plumber to the Borough, and pay a $35 fee. Payment is accepted by mail by check or money order, or in person at the Borough Building by cash, check, debit, or credit card. Sanitary sewer certificates are valid for five (5) years. If you are unsure if your property has a valid certificate on file, please contact Stephanie Matus at 412-882-9600 ext 257.

  3. If violations are indicated on the test and inspection report form, they must be corrected prior to a sanitary sewer certificate being issued.
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