Selling Property in Baldwin

Property Owners must complete the following applications and submit the associated fees in order to sell their property within the Borough:

  • Lien Letter - $20
  • Dye Test and Sewer Camera Inspection - $35
  • Occupancy Inspection and Permit - $150 

Please submit your forms and fees to the Borough at least 3 weeks prior to your closing date.

You can find PDF or online versions of all the forms here.

Forms are accepted through the following methods:

  • Emailed
  • Faxed - 412-882-9743
  • In person at the Borough Building
  • Mailed
  • Online

Fees can be paid in person with cash, check, debit, or credit cards. Fees can be mailed as checks or money order.

  1. Lien Letter
  2. Dye Test & Sewer Camera
  3. Occupancy Inspection & Permit

Lien Letter

This letter verifies that there are no liens on the property. If there are outstanding liens, they will need to be paid off before the lien letter will be issued.